LED strip connection, LRA0196, continue, strip to strip with cable, 4 contacts


LED strip connection, LRA0196, continue strip to strip with cable, 4 contacts, 10 (12)mm strip, 24V DC, 3,5A, IP65

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Data sheet

Strip max width - (mm) 10 (12)
Number of contatcs 4
Suitable for LED strip RGB
Power factor correction - (PFC) 2
D4i 3,5
ZigBee 65
Konnex, (KNX) 20
0-10V jätkamine
1-10V juhtmega
Long Range, (LoRa) 24
Z-Wave 3,5
Near Field Communication (NFC) transparent/white
Amazon Alexa 20
Mobile app red/green/blue/black
Max voltage - (V DC) 24
Strip architecture - (CC/CV) SMD
Brightness - very warm white - (lm) 0,33
Brightness - warm white - (lm/m) 22
Brightness - nature white - (lm/m) continue
Brightness - cold white - (lm/m) with cable
Brightness - yellow - (lm/m) PC, ABS, PVC
Brightness - pink - (lm/m) 4
Color - orange - (°K) 8,5
Brightness - orange - (lm/m) RGB
Brightness - red - (lm/m) 2
Height - (cm) 8,5
Type SMD
Strip IP 65
Body color läbipaistev/valge
Cable color punane/roheline/sinine/must
Wire corss-section - (mm²) 0,33
Wire corss-section - (AWG) 22
Materials PC, ABS, PVC

More info

For a better connection, you can use soldering to connect the strips, but this is not possible every time. Then it's good to use the fast connection. NB! There are a few things to watch out for with hardwired connections. Since the connection can be installed on both ends of the strip, it may happen that the colors of the wires are not correct. In this case, you just have to follow the designation on the strip and change the meaning of the wire colors accordingly. It should also be taken into account that due to the construction of the strips, different manufacturers have different order of terminals even for multi-colored strips, and this again creates a situation where the color of the wire and the marking on the strip may not match.

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    See raadio on üsna levinud tükk. Tehti neid aastast 1985 ja eelkäijaks peetakse Riia Raadiotehase aparaat "VEF Transistor-17". Kuna aga VEF oli...

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