What is CC ?

CC stands for Constant Current and denotes a situation where when the load changes, it is not the current that changes, but the voltage. This method ensures that when the load increases or decreases, all LEDs always receive the same current and their brightness does not change. It is also possible to simplify the production process in the case of an LED strip or lamp, because the parts needed to limit the current do not have to be used, this is taken care of by the power supply. This method also has its drawbacks. The CC type power supply is only suitable for loads with certain parameters. In most cases, it cannot be replaced with a CV type power supply. There are also CC type strips. In these cases, the construction of the strip is such that there is always a certain current for each small piece and the voltage can change throughout the strip. Such a solution allows the use of strips up to 15 meters long, depending on the power, for one power input. Quite a number of CC-type strips also have a temperature protection due to their construction, which automatically limits the current of the LED and, if necessary, also reduces it if the operating temperature is too high.