How LED dimmer works ?

The dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness, and in many places it is also called dimmer. In principle, they are divided in many ways. Since the LED operates with current through it, the dimmer must also deal with it. In the case of LED strips, the current limiting part is already built into the strip itself, and the construction of the dimmer is much easier. Namely, it makes the bar flash. And the brightness is adjusted by how long the bar is off and how long it lasts. This flashing is performed about 400 times per second. The term "PWM" (Pulse width modulation) is also used as its name, which translates to pulse width modulation. Since the human eye has a very long inertia to light, the eye cannot see this blinking. The next type of dimmer regulates the flow through the LED. The lower it is, the less intense the brightness. This is also called "non-flicker" because it does not flicker. It is not always possible to replace the two.

CCT dimmer. The CCT solution uses two colors. Mostly one of them is warm white and cold white. The dimmer can be used to adjust which of the two dominates and the result is accordingly. Of course, both can also be adjusted at the same time, and as a result the overall luminous flux can be reduced.

RGB dimmer. In RGB, there are already three basic colors in use, and a dimmer can be used to combine all kinds of colors. It should then be remembered that the white light produced by the RGB strip is rather poor because not all components are present and therefore the color rendering remains very low. This is reflected in the fact that if light needs to emphasize a great many different colors in great detail, it will not be possible due to the lack of light spectrum. Also what is CRI

RGBW dimmer. This solution is good for four different lighting components. W here means White and can be warm white, cold white or daylight. This solution allows the use of both white light and color effects. The number of different combinations is already very large.

RGB + CCT dimmer. This solution includes three basic colors and warm and cold white. This combination provides a very good solution for even the most demanding situation.