Which is better 12V or 24V ?

12 volts is a very common voltage and many electronic devices are made for this voltage. This is safe voltage. But still, this low voltage has its drawbacks. If high power is required, the connecting cables must be thick enough so that their resistance does not become decisive. Otherwise, there will be less than 12 volts on the device. And the device cannot work at full power. The same reason is for LED strips. Since the LED strip is itself an electrical conductor, it also has an resistance. The longer the strip is, the higher the resistance. And it sets limits on how long a strip can be. In principle, of course, the strip can be infinitely long, but in this case the resistance becomes so great that there is no voltage at the end of the strip and the LEDs there do not light up at all. Since voltage and current are needed to transfer power and can be combined, there is way to increase the voltage and keep the current the same. This is done with 24 volts. There are also 36 and 48 volt LED strips. And there are also 230 volt strips. The goal of all of them is to create a situation where the voltage loss would be small. However, this situation poses the following problem. Due to the construction of the LED strip, the length cannot be changed in a very small step. For example, in the case of 230 volts, in most cases the smallest working piece is a 1 meter long strip. For 12 volts and 24 volts, the lengths are generally 5 centimeters and 10 centimeters, respectively. However, if there is a situation that requires a long LED strip and it is not possible to use several power supplies, then a good solution is to choose a higher voltage LED strip.