What is IP code ?

What is IP ?

IP is an agreed standard that shows the device's resilience to the effects of the external environment. The need for this arose because different manufacturers described the durability of their products on different scales, which, in comparison, confused the buyer completely.

An IP is a two-digit number, each with a definite meaning. If the number is replaced by X, then the device has not been tested in this respect and the corresponding property is not marked. The IP symbol also has the third, fourth and fifth symbols, but these are not mandatory and are often not used.
The third symbol is a number indicating mechanical strength.
The fourth symbol is a letter and indicated whether the device can be accessed with materials of different sizes.

  • A Hand
  • B Finger
  • C Tool
  • D Wire

The fifth symbol further indicated the features of the device.

  • H High voltage
  • M Movement during water test
  • S Standing during water test
  • W Weather conditions

The later standard has also added the letter K, and this indicates a situation where the device is resistant for for water jets with high survey and temperature. The need for a similar addition arose in connection with road transport, where the machine had to be cleaned. It was later used in the food industry.
The attached picture will help you to understand the matter better.
IP rating chart