What is CRI ?

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is an index of color spectrum uniformity. Namely, white light consists of many different colors. And this is also the reason why it is possible to see different objects in color. When light falls on an object, the different colors in it are either reflected or absorbed. You can see the reflected color in the reflected part. If the light does not contain all the color tones, then it cannot be seen. The CRI shows whether all these different colored components are present. A fairly natural picture is already given by a value of 80. In the case of a lamp with sunlight and filament, the value of this index is 100. In the case of an LED light source, the best indicators are already around 98 at the moment. Simply put, the higher the number the more natural the colors. In most cases, orange and red are underrepresented at lower CRI values ​​for LED solutions. Due to this, for example, orange also has a "withered" appearance. You can also change the overall impression by emphasizing some colors. For example, to highlight the red color of meat, the proportion of red color is higher. The radiation spectrum of the low pressure sodium lamp is shown below. Such a lamp is a very lively street lamp. The light output is good, but since the light itself is very limited in a specific part, the objects visible in the light of this lamp have almost no color.Low pressure sodium